How to report your scores ?

by Admin | Aug 13, 2019 | GRE PREP

After the candidates have taken the GRE Revised General Test and received their scores, they are often in a lot of confusion about reporting the scores. That happens for various reasons. First, the way of reporting the computer-based GRE Revised Test is slightly different from that of the paper-based test. Two, often candidates have taken the GRE more than one time, and so they wonder if they send certain scores to certain universities, would other universities know?

Read on to find out the answers to some of these questions.

How many institutions can you send your scores to?

Your test fee allows you to send up to four free score reports to graduate institutions or fellowship sponsors that you decide. In future, you may also choose to send scores to additional institutions but with fee.

When can you designate the institutions to send scores to?

For the computer-based GRE Revised General Test, you are asked to designate your free score recipients at the test center on the test day. After you complete the test and view your unofficial Verbal and Quantitative section scores, you are asked to list the score recipients you want to send your scores to.

For the paper-based GRE Revised General Test, you have to designate your free score recipients during registration or on your admission ticket correction stub.

For how many years are the GRE scores reportable?

The GRE scores can be reported for five years after the year of taking the GRE.

Will your targeted institutions know your other scores?

No, the institutions that you send your score reports to, will not know the scores other than you reported. These institutions will not know the other institutions, if any, to which you are reporting your scores.

What if at the time of taking the test, you are not sure where to apply?

This is a common problem. For this, you have the option of applying for an additional report of scores to the universities you have selected later on. But this would require an additional fee and this score is called Additional Score Reports.

What are the various options of score reporting?

  • You can choose to report scores online by creating an account on Score reports will be mailed to you and to your designated institutions approximately within five business days.

  • You can also report scores by mail or fax by downloading the Additional Score Report PDF form.

  • You can also report scores by phone.

What is reportable history?

The GRE reportable history is for five years. All your GRE test scores are part of your reportable history for five years after the testing year in which you tested.