Cracking GRE can get cheaper - here is how

by Admin | Sept 5, 2019 | GRE PREP

Every year around 5.5 lakh individuals appear for GRE! Most individuals start spending on it from ‘exam preparation’ stage itself. And, this spent can go up to $500 if you are not careful enough.

Here are a few guidelines for you so that can spend smartly on GRE:

At least 25% of test-takers around the world take the GRE more than once(as per ETS survey)! GRE fee is as high as US$200 which makes it very important to score well on the first go itself. So, prepare as much as possible before you attempt GRE. It is always better to practice on GRE simulated tests so that you get used to GRE environment before hand.

MyGRETest gives you FREE GRE mock test in GRE like test environment. It also provides Essay assessment for AWM section to help you know where you stand and how you can improve.

Your spending usually does not end there! Remember that you can designate only four Universities to send your GRE scores for free, after which, you would have to spend US$27 per recipient University. So, choose the Universities very carefully. To do so, first of all, take few mock tests on GRE simulated platform which can give you predictive score(like MyGRETest). Then, list out the institutes based on the following:-

Institutes which accept GRE score closer to your predictive score
Institutes which offer your required program in the institute
Institutes whose admission requirements are fulfilled by your profile
Institutes which fulfil your requirements like location, scholarship availability, faculty etc.

Most of the times, this process can be very hideous to test takers because of non-availability of required information; hence, you tend to spend money on Career Counseling for it, leading to more spending on GRE.

MyGRETest has a feature to not only provide predictive score but also MyGRETest experts will provide a list of four institutes after carefully evaluating your predictive score and profile.