Best to Prepare for GRE Online

by Admin | Sept 5, 2019 | GRE PREP

While preparing for Computer Delivered GRE students are always in a dilemma whether their preparation is going the right way or not and how they should prepare for it. There are many ways to go about it, but the best one is to prepare by attempting Online mock tests in the simulated GRE pattern, with all the actual online exam features of the final GRE test. There are many online platforms which offer tests in a similar pattern as GRE, so it is always better if you can use these platforms to practice for GRE.

MyGRETest is one such website which offers GRE mock tests in actual GRE pattern. FREE Mock Tests are also available which can be accessed by just registering on the website.

There are various benefits of Online GRE Preparation -

  • Time Management - GRE includes mainly 3 sections - AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment), Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. All of these sections need the test-taker to be quick and accurate while attempting the test. So, it is very important for students to know how much time to spend in each section, for each question. For this, candidate should get enough practice by attempting the online GRE mock tests in the same pattern as that of the GRE. This way they can ensure improvement in both time management skills and accuracy of answers.

  • Familiar with online exam tools – In the online GRE test, candidates are allowed to use only the online timer and on-screen calculator. There are also several other features which are provided on GRE test screen that test-takers need to understand before hand. This will help candidates to use them effectively on the actual exam day. You’ll also get to understand how an adaptive test really works and the effect it has on your final score. None of this is possible when you practice offline through books or coaching classes.

  • Explanatory Answers – The online mock tests also include explanatory answers and review option, so, once you have taken the mock test, you can check whether the answers given were current or not and get complete explanation. This way you can not only improve your weaker subject areas but also understand the best way to answer the questions.

Online preparation is a unique combination of convenience, personalization, and speed. It identifies just where you need help, how you should ideally tackle your areas of weakness, and keeps an eye on time management all along. If candidate is preparing solely from books or a classroom coaching program, there’s always the risk of certain gaps being left in one’s preparation, which might come in the way of a high score. So the best way to prepare for an online exam is, well, online practice.

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