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Give your GRE preparation a rocket launch
  • Closest experience of the actual GRE (Simulated)
  • 20 full length mock tests for practice.
  • Boost your score by 15-20 marks with simulated experience of the actual GRE.
  • Practice under realistic conditions, with GRE-like scoring and manage your time effectively.
  • Get Analytical Writing Assessment with score-boosting comments.
  • Get four universities recommended by our experts.
  • Manage your time and stress effectively.
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Practice under realistic conditions

Our platform resembles the actual exam, with the exact pattern of questions, appearance, GRE-like scoring, and timing controls. Nothing beats practising in the actual environment. Our developers have created the entire experience right on your screen!

Boost your score by at least 15-20 marks

Our tests familiarize you with the actual exam environment, helps you in understanding the exam platform better, so that you don’t panic on your BIG Day. As an add on, explanatory answers with detailed analysis of your progress will also be provided, that will help you in evaluating your performance. Therefore, you can easily enhance your score by at least 15-20 marks.

Get a list of four universities, exclusively selected for you by our experts

The ultimate aim of the GRE is to get admission in best universities around the world. Most of the time, students could not focus on selecting the right universities for them, either because of unavailability of necessary information or because their sole focus is on cracking the GRE. Therefore, our experts provide you with a list of four universities based on your profile and universities' requirement, to which you can apply for admission.

20 Full-Length GRE Mock Tests

We offer 20 full-length actual GRE simulated tests with GRE-like high quality questions based on the updated GRE format, at an affordable price. This will provide you with ample practice and thorough familiarity with the actual exam; will save you money and time that you might spend on practicing for GRE.

Relieve your exam-day stress and achieve your true potential!

Most of the students preparing for the GRE spend hours studying for the test, memorizing word-lists and formulae, but never actually get down to take a practice test. That means, most of them succumb to exam day stress; thereby, underachieving. Since we offer 20 full-length tests resembling the actual GRE, students will have ample practice by the exam-day. So, the student will not go through stress due to unfamiliarity of the GRE platform, thus relieving the mind to achieve student’s true potential.

Improve your AWM score by getting your essays evaluated by our experts

We provide you with a GRE-like assessment of four of your Analytical Writing essays, both issue and argument. Our assessment includes analysis and suggestions to improve your writing, mistakes to avoid, and a tentative score. With score-improving tips and solid analysis by our experts, you are bound to improve your AWM score

What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“ MyGRETest.com has been immensely helpful in preparing me for actual GRE. My actual GRE exam day fear was gone due to simulated practice test. Along with the test portal the personal counseling emails from MyGRETest.com neatly outlined the exam pattern, the format of the test and types of questions I shall be facing. As a result I was able to prepare for the exam without help of any coaching Institute.”

  • Anukrati Maheshwari

    GRE Score - 322

“ While preparing for the GRE, I was apprehensive of the duration of the exam.You need to be attentive for 4.5 hours! A normal student has a very less attention span of only 30 mins, so concentrating on the exam for such a long duration becomes stressful. But, with the exact simulated tests that MyGRETest offered, I was able to familiarize myself with the exam as well as develop my own strategies to manage my time and stress. As a result, I scored 323 in the GRE.”

  • Rounak Choudhary

    GRE Score - 323

“ Few years back I had a dream to study abroad and I would like to thank MyGREtest for making the dream come true. I had seven admits in total with scholarships from two Universities. I attribute my achievement to MyGRETest.com’s exhaustive set of scientifically prepared practice questions and expert guidance to fill four Universities based on my practice test scores.”

  • Utsav Khandelwal

    GRE Score - 328

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychological research suggests that the key to do well in any high-pressure situation is to be accustomed to the actual environment of it. GRE is no different than a high-pressure situation considering that the stake is admission into top graduate schools. Students often spend time studying for the test, memorizing wordlists and formulae, but never actually get down to take a practice test. That’s where we come in! We provide you with the actual environment of the test, the exactly simulated high-stress situation, so as to familiarize you with the test.

Our actual GRE-like mock test in realistic testing conditions helps you in:

1. Devising strategies for the upcoming exam.

2. Experiencing the same-level of fatigue faced in an actual exam.

3. Knowing your weak areas where you are most likely to falter during the actual exam.

4. Reducing the anxiety and nervousness that might grip you on the actual exam day.

5. Observing your gradual progress.

6. Analyzing your performance vis-à-vis your own previous performance.

7. Increasing your marks by at least 10-20 marks.

1. 95% of the students preparing for the GRE never get their AWM evaluated by professionals. Therefore, their score hardly changes irrespective of the number of times they take their GRE.

2. AWM score is used by most of the universities and admission committees to evaluate applicants when offering Research Assistantships. Therefore, a good AWM score enhances your chances of getting scholarship!

3. Considering that the stake is of worth $20000-$30000, spending $10 dollars to get your AWM evaluated sounds like a good deal!

4. Our team of experts/professionals, with more than 15 years of experience, will analyze your essay and help you in identifying your weak areas. We will provide you with the tips to increase your score.

1. First of all, your universities will be selected by our team of experts who have more than 15 years of experience in sending students to top US and Canadian universities with maximum scholarships.

2. Secondly, our team of experts will examine your profile based on your GRE score, AWM score, interests, academics, research, etc. They will match you with appropriate universities based on GRE and TOEFL requirements, academic requirements, and their years of experience.

3. Lastly, it costs around $25 for sending your score to one university and up to $100 for the application fee, therefore it makes perfect sense to send scores to the right universities and save money on universities not matching with your profile.

1. Ideally, you should give a test on the first day. That will help you in understanding where you stand, difference between your target score and first test marks, and the amount of practice you will require.

2. After finishing off with your basic drills for verbal, quantitative, and analytical preparation. You should start taking tests until the day of your GRE. After each test, you should analyze the areas where you’re going wrong. If, after 5 tests, you’re messing up with similar questions, practice that area, and resume your tests.

3. You should take the tests under realistic conditions with no breaks/distractions so as to accustom your mind to the actual exam.

4. Finally, our tests are not drills or are targeted to develop specific topics; instead, we offer you the actual experience of the GRE with challenging questions

1. We provide you with 20+ actual GRE simulated tests to familiarize you with the actual exam and improve your score by 15-20 marks.

2. We provide you with a real GRE like assessment (suggestions, points to improve, and tentative score) of 3 of your Analytical Writing Measure, both issue and argument.

3. We suggest you with 4 universities based on your profile and university requirement to send your GRE score to.